What do you picture when you hear the word “Meditation?” Do you envision sitting Indian style on the floor, eyes shut, and a soft “om” sound coming from your mouth? If so, your perception of meditation practices is neither wrong or right.  

Many people form a connection between meditation and cult practice. Meditation has always been a subject that seemed to frighten people away from seeking a better understanding of the subject. 

Meditation is a healthy spiritual method and a great enhancement to your life. It enables you to get in touch with your mind and take you to a deeper state of relaxation. However, if you asked someone who had a general misconception if they wanted to meditate you would probably receive a “no thanks.” Why? Here are some of the common misconceptions about this relaxing practice:  

1. Meditation is faith.

Absolutely not. While meditation is a spiritual discipline, it does not entirely come from a specific faith, nor is it used to recruit people to be a part of one. It can be likened to a petition or a type of prayer, yet it doesn’t tell you to pray or worship an object or person. However, meditation is an active tradition in many religious practices worldwide. 

2. Meditation is used to get away from the real world. 

False. Meditation allows you to have a better perception of your reality. It doesn’t create a way to escape your reality nor does it repaint it with picture perfect scenes to fool the mind from seeing the truth. Instead, it teaches us to face what is happening in our current lives and allows us to understand it better.

3. Meditation is weird and crazy. 

This myth is not entirely untrue. Some forms of meditation claim to take you to a whole new level of existence or cause you to possess some psychic abilities. Other times people claim that they have manifested powers afterward. However, simple meditation practices are generally an uncomplicated workout for your mind. It doesn’t require one to be in a trance-like state to achieve its objective of a deep state of calmness.

4. Meditation is egocentric.

This statement is false. Even if meditation requires one to spend time alone, it does not mean that we are closing our doors to other people. Meditation is mostly used to instruct us to see beyond the darkness in our lives. If we have achieved this, after that we can be of far better assistance to others.

Meditation is used to help individuals overcome negative thoughts and feelings like anxiety as well as clinical depression. However, you must be entirely sure that you have undeviating fervor and sincere purposes for the method in order to obtain its advantages.